OlliOlli2 : Welcome to Olliwood

Informations sur le jeu

  • PS4
  • Date de sortie : 04/03/2015
  • Genre : Sports
  • Editeur : Roll7
  • Développeur : Roll7
  • Supports : PlayStation Store
  • Description : Get set to grind, flip and darkslide your way through the glamour of the silver screen in OlliOlli 2 : Welcome to Olliwood. Split-level routes, an awesome soundtrack and a stack of all-new challenges await as you skate through Aztec jungles, ghoulish carnivals and palm-lined boulevards. Fancy taking the high road? Use the ups and downs of your environment to boost you into rad jumps and discover secret routes only reachable with a perfect launch. Test your skills, rack up the points and grab some serious air.

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